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Worried About Your Kids and Online Learning? Don't Be. Here Is Why....

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Educator here! Before I became a therapist, I was a #schoolcounselor for 24 years. I have learned so much about #education, learning, children from ages 5-19, parents, and how our children really do learn. I am still a part time school counselor at a K-8 school in Irvine, CA. So I am speaking from my heart and my knowledge base. I am also talking as a parent of a 13 and 11 year old. So I am not stating all this in a vaccum as I do have some chops in this area!

Do not worry about missed assignments, robo emails or calls, grades, or anything remotely to do with school in it’s prior context. Hug your kiddos a lot, read a TON of books together, teach your kids real world math by having them figure 20% off at take out dinner with a coupon, read out loud, reassure them they WILL see their friends again soon, beat them at one on one basketball, call Grandma and Grandpa with a question of the day, journal about their daily life for the history books, teach your kids how to do laundry and cook a meal (oh some more math with measurements right there!) and just stay sane.


Because a sane parent is the best parent. Because every meeting I had as a school counselor last week was about keeping kids engaged, feeling secure, safe and how to put mental health above education because it matters more right now. Because these are unprecedented times and as such we need to change how we view our world and education is a big part of it. Because maybe it’s time to change forever how we approach school and how we educate our children. Because maybe some good can come from all of this in the end.

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