Transgender and Non Binary Gender Therapy

 It is my core belief that gender is a galaxy in both identity and expression and that we all perceive our gender in a unique, personal way. Discovering your gender identity is truly a journey and for some, because it does not fit the strict binary system they were taught to believe, it can be challenging. Many of us are not the gender that was assigned to us at birth and that can be confusing to understand in the world that we currently live.

I am here to help support and celebrate you through transitioning (in whatever form that is important to you), family challenges, life changes, co-occurring mental health challenges, and even medical by providing letters and referrals for supportive care. I do continue my own journey on learning about this population by continuing my education with paid consultation with trans identitied providers who have this lived experience. In this way I check my own cis privilege, accept that I need to learn continuinally the best way to support you as my client and believe that only others who have been there should be the ones to speak on this experience. I also partner with WPATH (World Organization of Transgender Health), The Center for Transyouth and Development at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, St. John's Health and Wellness Transgender Center,  and PFLAG as a trained group facilitator as well as other health organizations to stay up to date and current on standards of care. 

It my honor to be able to support you on this journey. 

If you are interested in a 15-minute Free Consultation with me, please call 310-683-9047 or email me at: Get In Touch