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Corporate Training

Would you like your company and its staff to understand bias, privilege, neurodiversity, LGBTQIA Identities, or how trauma affects the workplace?

Are you seeking an engaging, passionate speaker to comply with complex human resource diversity education requirements?

Are you interested in a compelling presenter with a long list of relevant topics for your next company retreat? 

Would you like your attendees to feel supported, safe, and eager to learn more? 

You have come to the right place. You get to design your training to suit your company's needs.

See the testimonials below regarding Christine MacInnis, LMFT!

Fees upon request.


Busting the Myths About Priviledge and Bias- How to Be an Active Workplace Ally

"Need ALL staff to take this class! Very engaging and informative- Ada M.

"The speaker was passionate and I was glad she cares about acknowledging these uncomfortable issues"- Angela J.

"She is very engaging. The energy was great!"-Danielle H.

"Loved the small group discussions!"- Melanie M.

"Presentation was engaging and not boring! I will encourage co-workers to attend future offerings. Great Job!"- Nicole D.


Special Considerations for EMDR with Autistic and ADHD Clients

"I just wanted to give you such a heartfelt thank you for being a voice for affirming EMDR. I have taken your training and absolutely loved it! This is what my clients need and I am learning and relearning so much. Thank you"- Regan S.

"Really great training and I hope you send updates about the next seminar you offer."- Rebecca G.

"This was brilliant, thank you! Very worth getting up at 3:30 am for in Australia"-Naomi M.


How to Provide Informed Gender Affirming Care

"Excellent Information! I hope you do this nationally. It is needed"-Karen T.
"Great presentation! Very informative and loved the personal stories"- Sarah T.

"Enjoyed the scenarios and talking through best practice."-Anonymous

"Such a great job! Thank you for having this class. Great Speaker!"- Sheryl A.

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