Anxiety and Depression


Experiencing racing thoughts about events you can't control?


Have constant worry, stress or fear about your health, your family or your relationships?


Feel you are not good enough and that you will one day be found out?


Anxiety is present for so many of us on a daily basis but there is relief available. Cognitive-Behavioral therapy has been proven to deal with the negative and ever present thoughts that control our lifes. Working to reframe those beliefs into ones that you can control is one way to become free from them. Mindfulness and other stress reducing techniques will be introduced as well. 


Ever have difficulty waking up or getting to sleep regularly?


Feel like your normal life activities are difficult to do and leaved you exhausted?


Wonder why you are here and what is your purpose?


Would you be surprised to know that many out there function within a high level of depression and don't even realize it. Using proven cognitive-behavior techniques, we can start to challenge the negative thought patterns that control us and lead to depression. You don't have to go through this alone!

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