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Sport/Performance Psychology

  • You can enhance your performance using a variety of mental strategies, such as visualization, self-talk and relaxation techniques.  Athletes can overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

  • Help you cope with the pressures of competition. Athletes at all levels deal with pressure from parents, coaches, or even their own expectations.  Learn to communicate and advocate for your individual needs.

  • Assist you in the recovery from injuries. After an injury, athletes may need help tolerating pain, adhering to their physical therapy regimens, or adjusting to being on the sideline. 

  • Keep up an exercise program. Even those who want to exercise regularly may find themselves unable to fulfill their goal. Athlete’s may need assistance in organizing and increasing their motivation.

If you are interested in a 15-minute Free Consultation with me, please call 310-683-9047 or email me at: Get In Touch

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