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Caregivers of Medical Trauma

Are you the spouse/partner, parent or caregiver of a patient who survived a medical emergency? Perhaps they survived a massive car accident, heart attack or even extended a acute medical issues such as cancer. Everyone rushes to the person who is ill but what about the person left pacing the floor waiting for news if they were going to ok or the one who was forced to make life saving treatment decisions! Very little is done to support or even recognize the trauma that person experienced. 

Here at Transcends Family Therapy, we utilize EMDR and IFS informed techniques to bring healing to the caregivers so they can stop h
aving flashbacks to the medical incident, jumping at the sound of ambulances, and finally find peace by sleeping through the night. We recognize that you are the unspoken survivor and are probably in your own form of pain that goes unexplained or acknowledged. Let us help you heal...

If you are interested in a 15-minute Free Consultation with me, please call 310-683-9047 or email me at to Get In Touch

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